Church Tag Sale Info

This is a blog to highlight the tag sale of St. Paul’s Collegiate Church in Storrs, CT.  In our tough economic times we could all use some extra cash and St. Paul’s could use a few extra bucks to pay the bills as well as eliminate some of our “stuff”.  So St. Paul’s is cleaning out its closets and having the biggest tag sale ever, right here on this blog.  There is everything from a washer/dryer to theater lights to an espresso machine.  Browse through our inventory and let us know what you think.

To Browse: Search through the categories of blogs to see what we have for sell.

For any of the below email Bob at

You can Inquire: Email us with any questions you have about any items.

Make a Reasonable Offer: In the subject write “Offer”.  In the email body please include the item, the list price, your offer price, and if you would be picking up, need delivery, or need shipping.

Call Dibs: Want to purchase a product at the list price and want to call dibs on it before some one else grabs it.  In the subject write “Dibs”.  In the email body include the item, your name and address, if you will be picking up, need delivery or need shipping.  Also include if you will be paying by check or cash.  (If you require shipping you may pay by credit/debit or Paypal or send a Money Order or Bank Check. Please inquire about these options.)

If you would like more information on St. Paul’s Collegiate Church, check out our website

All proceeds from the tag sale will go to help the operations cost of the church and our ministry in Northeast Connecticut.  Thanks for stopping by our tag sale and please tell your friends.


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