DeLonghi Magnifica Expresso Machine – $649

A used (18 months) DeLonghi Magnifica Expresso Machine. The model is EAM 3400.

Email to buy this item or request more information.

Features of this model are described below:

DIGITAL PROGRAMMABLE MENU SETTINGS Allow you to adjust start time, auto shut-off and clock. You can adjust temperature of the coffee and water hardness. Plus, there are five settings for coffee strength: extra-mild, mild, regular, strong, and extra strong. Three buttons allow you to easily choose the size of cup you want: “ristretto” (small), “espresso” (medium) and large (American coffee). The three settings can be customized to your preferred taste.

THE MAGNIFICA’S PATENTED DIRECT-TO-BREW SYSTEM. A BETTER WAY TO ESPRESSO. Fresh ground, every time. What you grind is what you brew. While some espresso machines will grind beans and distribute them to a holding tube for brewing later, Magnifica grinds the beans mere seconds before use, and immediately brews them. So you’re ensured the very freshest espresso or coffee. The compact and patented Direct-to-Brew System with Thermoblock technology also provides excellent heat distribution, which is essential in brewing authentic espresso. And it’s removable for easy cleaning.

PATENTED CAPPUCCINO SYSTEM FROTHER Includes a special chamber that mixes steam and milk to create a rich, creamy froth. It’s perfect for making the ideal cappuccino, latte or any other frothy milk coffee beverage.

PROFESSIONAL-QUALITY CONICAL BURR GRINDER Integrated burr grinder produces consistent, fresh and aromatic espresso or coffee. Grind settings allow you to adjust the fineness for all types of beans.

CUP WARMER Warming plate on top of the machine preheats your cups for the best results.

REMOVABLE 1.8-LITER (60-OUNCE) WATER TANK With water level indicator, allows for convenient filling and easy cleaning.

INSTANT REHEAT FUNCTION Heats the core of the machine, ensuring that Magnifica maintains an ideal temperature for brewing.

DECALCIFICATION SYSTEM Automatic decalcification indicator lights lets you know when it’s time to clean the machine.


REMOVABLE USED COFFEE CONTAINER AND DRIP TRAY For convenient cleaning and easy disposal of coffee waste.

HEIGHT-ADJUSTABLE COFFEE SPOUTS Adjustable spouts let you brew directly into espresso, demitasse or 12-ounce cups.



Inspection and pickup are in Manchester, Connecticut.Ebay 163


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